Nike women’s Amsterdam 10k 


This is just a teaser trip before our real adventure. We still have a very long and hard 2 days left.

A couple of us girls decided a few months ago that we would love to do the Nike 10k women’s race around the city and that actually dragging our partners to watch wouldn’t be such a bad idea!

The run: 

Amazing! My most favourite race EVER. It beats the marathon (mainly because I remembered how long a marathon was whilst doing it)

The 4 of us who ran it had a mix of experience so we decided to run it together to make it more fun! Plus I had a cold and the others were cautious over knee injuries so it was never going to be competitive.

The only negative of the day was the huge queue to collect your registration which dissolved 20 mins before the start of the race into a mass panic!

The absolutely overwhelming positive of the day? Running into the Amsterdam Olympic stadium, a huge crowd cheering, drums and music beating, lights flashing and a very over excited sprint finish which has now cost the use of my voice for the past 3 days (the cold came back with revenge)

The day after we spent the day on a river boat drinking stupid amounts of Processco with some amazing people seeing the best sites of Amsterdam.

Trip advisories: 

Definitely visit omlegg – this place was rated in the top 5 places to eat in Amsterdam and definitely didn’t dissapoint! I have a billy goat omelette with goats cheese, broccoli, and sundried tomatoes and Sam had a farm boy which sounded like a meat feast omelette!

Blue – another cafe on top of a central shopping centre that had amazing views and made a pretty fab Brie, pear and walnut toastie! Delicous!

Hiring a river boat – between 8 of us it was about £13 each for 4 hours! So worth it! We got to see way more sights by boat then we could have done by walking!

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